Whoever said do what you love was on to something.

What we love are complex marketing challenges. Like intricate products and services, long, complicated sales processes and multi-layered approval structures. The kind of challenges other agencies run away from.

The more complex the business, the more we love getting to the bottom of it. Aviation, Aerospace & Defense, Education, Financial Services, and Manufacturing. We've been there before and we know what to do. Get to the heart of the matter. Find the humanity within the complexity.

For more than 40 years, Keiler has been helping B2B clients decomplex their most challenging branding and communications issues with a planning process that helps us put a human connection at the heart of your communications. Because when you put a face on the machine, you have a better chance of connecting and a better chance of success.

We Heart Complex

Our Services

  • Branding & positioning
  • Marketing plan development
  • Strategic planning & analysis
  • Print & digital design
  • Qualitative & quantitative research
  • Focus groups & in-depth interviews
  • Digital research & marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Branded entertainment
  • Social media strategy & development
  • Sales acceleration & tool development
  • Media planning, buying & measuring
  • Metrics & measurement
  • Video & photography production
  • Website design and support
  • Public relations


At Keiler we recognize that each person's individual strengths and skills make our team what it is. Take a moment to flip through some of the talented people who make up the Keiler Team.



At Keiler, Creative is King. Albeit it's the kind of king whose castle is generally under siege from account folks and other members of the realm. Oh sure, around here creative may be king, but the real power is in the hands of the people; the planning people, the strategy people, the marketing people. They're the ones who help keep all our creative executions on-point.

At this point, we'd like to point out that getting to the point is an art, but it's also a science. And like all science, requires the right conditions to get the desired reaction. At Keiler, getting to the point clearly and distinctly requires three basic conditions: Pressure. Heat. And chemistry.

3 Elements of Getting it Right


001 Pr


We work best under pressure. After all, this is the ad business. Pressure's been there since day one. Our clients have pressing needs. So their problems become our problems. That's why getting to the point takes place under lots and lots of pressure. And why we sometimes blow off steam playing foos.


002 Ht


Getting to the point also causes heat. And you better believe it can get mighty hot around here. Because the fact is, here at Keiler, we may not always see eye to eye with one another. We may disagree. Debate. Challenge. Shoot foam arrows down the hall. Give wedgies. (Just kidding, we don't really shoot foam arrows down the hall.) But it's all perfectly understandable. After all, crafting a clear, distinct, compelling, and to the point message isn't exactly easy. If it were, everybody would be doing it. And hello -- they're not.


003 Ch


Chemistry is key. Team chemistry. Client chemistry. It all counts. Chemistry is the intangible that makes the magic happen. You can't fake it. But with the right fundamentals in place, it just tends to occur. We start with the basics; things like listening carefully, being flexible, and having brilliant people in the room ... these things translate to the way we interact with our clients. This interaction is a big point of difference between Keiler and other agencies.


We're always looking for talented people for full-time, freelance, and internships. If you like what you've seen here and think we might be a match made in heaven*, drop us a line.

*Foosball prowess recommended but not required.